Mission, Vision, Values


We hike to allow individuals to unplug from stress, pressure and external distractions and immerse in the raw authenticity of the natural world.


Disconnect from modern life.

Connect with the power of nature.

Reconnect with your highest self. 


We aim to inspire a global hiking movement that redefines the boundaries between wellbeing, fitness and natural world immersion.


Hiking Benefits

Hiking engages the cardiovascular system. It encourages mindful breathing, elevates endurance, calms the nervous system, improves circulation, increases clarity and relaxes the mind.

Hike to get High

Hiking supercharges our mental health. It blasts away stress, boosts dopamine, invigorates the senses, clarifies our focus, manifests happiness and inspires awe and wonder in nature.

Hike to Get Fit

Hiking strengthens the body. It encourages balance, elevates motor control, tones the physique, lengthens the muscles, improves posture, transforms appearance and boosts self-confidence.