The hidden smuggler’s trail

This mindful hike explores the fascinating lunar landscapes of Cap Rubio, following hidden trails through the forest to reach extraordinary, pale rock formations reminiscent of Turkey’s Cappadocia region. Immersed in wild open views and infinite Mediterranean horizons, we’ll explore abandoned agricultural terraces and a white-sand desert hidden on a mountain before discovering a legendary smugglers’ cave hung with stalactites and steeped in mystery, where we’ll soak up unique views across the northern coast. Between the wildness of the cove and the gentle silence of the protected pine forest, we’ll walk mindfully, meditate and absorb the extraordinary nature of this ancient landscape.

This hike is not permitted during March, April and May as it is a protected area for the falcon breeding season.

Medium IconMedium
Difficult IconDifficult
Ibiza Hike Station Grading System

Easy Level.

May include some short sections which are steep or uneven. These more gentle trails are suitable for beginners or those looking for a relaxed outdoor experience. They usually follow well-marked countryside caminos or coastal paths with minimal elevation gain. These hikes can be tailored to suit families, children and those with varying levels of fitness.

Intermediate Level.

No technical skill is required but these hikes may include sharp ascents and descents and cover rough terrain that offers more of a challenge. These hikes are suitable for hikers with a medium level of cardiovascular fitness and good sense of agility and balance. There may be avoidable areas of exposed heights unsuitable for those with vertigo.

Advanced Level.

These difficult trails will cover all types of terrain including loose shale underfoot and sections of coast which are particularly steep, rocky and slippery. There may be sections which are largely exposed, involve steep steps or ropes and have significant elevation gain. These hikes require a higher-than-average level of fitness and endurance and a resilient, positive mindset.

Expert Level.

These steep trails are physically taxing and hard to follow. Hikers may be required to ascend exposed cliff faces or descend using ropes. Routes will be rocky, climbing may be required and an expert level of agility and balance will be needed. These hikes are typically reserved for experienced hikers with advanced outdoor skills and knowledge and are not suitable for those with vertigo.