Hiker Guides

Welcome to Ibiza Hike Station, where the spirit of adventure meets the tranquility of nature! Since 2020, our dedicated team of ten experienced hiker-coach guides, is on a mission to unveil the hidden gems of Ibiza’s breathtaking landscapes. From easy strolls to challenging trails, we follow the footsteps of old farmers and fishermen, offering a unique perspective of the island’s rich history and natural beauty.

At Ibiza Hike Station, we go beyond being a hiking service – we’re ambassadors of a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is not only to guide you through picturesque trails but also to inspire a life filled with wellness and outdoor exploration. Join us on a journey to discover the heart of Ibiza, one step at a time.

Manuel Ehrensperger

I am a certified life coach and experienced hiker passionate about transforming lives through adventure and nature. I offer hikes in Ibiza with a holistic approach combining mental transformation, movement, and nutrition. Fluent in multiple languages, I help clients find motivation for change, build confidence, and connect with nature. My mission is to create a supportive community where habits for a better quality life and happiness are adopted.


Languages: Dutch, English

I’m from a Dutch Moroccan background and was raised in Amsterdam. My Spanish journey began on the mainland in 2021 when I fell in love with hiking and the peace of mind that comes with it. Spending so much time in nature gives me the creative inspiration that I need for my creative passions or art and holistic tattooing. I love to connect with people while being surrounded.


Languages: Dutch, English, Spanish

My mission is to reconnect people with nature and themselves through hiking, and restore nature with biotechnology. After a traumatic car accident, I came to Ibiza from the Netherlands. Hiking on this island marked the start of my recovery. I decided to make Ibiza my home and showcase its most stunning spots. Additionally, I’m dedicated to restoring natural resources in Spain through my company, Biocatalyst.


Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English.

I was raised in Ibiza in the early 1990s, immersed in the island’s nature and power, I gained a broad and beautiful vision of the world thanks to the diverse people I grew up with. My passion for hiking has taken me to explore wild routes in Spain, Menorca, India, Nepal, among others. I use nature to recharge, finding clarity and fulfillment. Today, I share the benefits of wellness by exploring deep forests and traversing vertiginous cliff tops.


Languages: Spanish, English.

I’m an environmental activist and passionate about animals and all forms of life. I’m super knowledgeable about history, culture and local flora and fauna and I’m the founder of Fixy Environmental, an NGO dedicated to animal care in Ibiza. As a lifelong fan of sports and adventure, I love helping hikers create awareness and connection with the surrounding biodiversity. Get ready for your eco-adventure with me!


Languages: Spanish, English. 

Values: Integrity, Respect, Spirituality, Empathy, Honesty, Quality, Peace, Grounded 

As Holistic coach and native of Ibiza, I’m passionate about guiding others on transformative journeys through nature immersion and bio-harmonization. Raised amidst the beauty of Ibiza, I advocate for respecting and reconnecting with nature to foster holistic well-being. Let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery and environmental stewardship together.


Languages: English, German, Spanish

Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Austria, Lia has been drawn to hiking since a young age.
Four years ago, she followed her heart to Ibiza, where she immersed herself in the island’s beauty, guiding hikes for over three years now.
Fluent in both German and English, her hikes intertwine with her passions as a yoga teacher and mindfulness coach.
Join her and unveil Ibiza’s hidden treasures, creating moments of bliss and nourishment for the soul along the way.


Languages: German, English, Spanish

With a background of intensive sports training and an innate curiosity to travel through the natural landscapes of this world, Triana is able to spark in you the aliveness that comes back when you reconnect with your body and the body of the earth. Comming from a wide variety of movement and somatic based practices she has the capacity to expand your senses and experience more of the reality that we inhabit. 


Languages: Spanish, English

My name is Ernesto López, from a small town in Toledo, Spain. Raised amidst nature, I loved football, tennis, and cycling. Later, I embraced rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, and surfing. Motivated by this passion and a dedication to customer service, I trained as a kayaking and mountain guide. With 15 years in the Balearic Islands, guiding in Ibiza fulfills both professional and personal dreams.


Hi my name is Koen, born & raised in Holland. My journey here started as a joke with a friend in a bar to book a single flight to Ibiza, 6 years later I still haven’t returned besides some holidays.

I fell in love with the beautiful nature and the amazing vibe of the people on this island and am happy to call it my home together with my wife and 2 beautiful children. We live off-grid in the forrest and hiking is part of our everyday life.

It is therefore for me a blessing to be able to share these amazing trails with others and take you on an unforgettable journey. I will show you the hidden gems that this place has to offer.


Chief Operations Officer

Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Catalan

I was born in the Ukraine and moved to Spain at nine years old. I honed my skills in fashion design in Barcelona and pursued creative direction at UAL London College of Fashion before launching my own bikini brand Anastasiyaswimwear. Fashion has been my passion since childhood and my greatest inspiration is nature. Sports have played a huge role in my life and I competed nationally in rhythmic gymnastics. I’m dedicated to life where fashion, entrepreneurship, sport and nature converge in a narrative of resilience and success.