History of Ibiza Hike Station


The Hike Station was founded in November 2020 following a period of radical transformation in the life of Swiss founder Manuel Ehrensperger.

Ibiza itself was never part of the plan – after walking away from a 25-year corporate career when it got too comfortable, Manuel found himself on the island as part of a short-lived love story. It would be a fortuitous twist of fate

Quickly realising that the Ibiza of glossy travel magazines – beach bars, nightclubs and villa parties – would never satisfy his curiosity, Manuel retreated to the heart of nature to find a side of the  island he could call his own. A daily paddleboard practice allowed him to explore Ibiza’s rugged northern coastline and hiking quickly followed. It was upon discovering the island’s network of long-forgotten farmer’s and fisherman’s trails that Manu began to see a future for himself amid Ibiza’s primitive landscapes and raw natural beauty. When a guidebook – Secret Walks – led him to the far-flung wilderness of Cala Aubarca and Ibiza’s fabled Na Coloms, Manuel knew that he had found his purpose.

The most dangerous place on earth is your comfort zone.

As hiking became a form of daily therapy, Manuel began to share images of the places he discovered. The reaction from friends was always the same – ‘Where is this? This can’t be Ibiza! Will you show me?’ Quickly realising that even many locals were unaware of the treasures on their doorstep, Manuel began to take friends with him. 

Committing to the philosophy that ‘sharing is caring’, when a hiker asked him to reveal the island in a series of ten walks, Manuel realised where his future lay. Shortly afterwards, trained for the Technico Deportivo Level 1 guiding licence in Mallorca. The following year he hired his first team member and partnered with Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay to offer guided hikes for guests. The Hike Station now employs a full team of multilingual, international guides and enjoys associations with prestigious brands such as City Guide by Louis Vuitton.


Give us three hours and we’ll give you back your life.

We offer transformative hiking experiences in the heart of nature. Our holistic hikes are curated to support the wellbeing of mind, heart and body.

Our carefully crafted hikes – averaging three-hours in length – use ancient farmer’s and fisherman’s trails to access the wildest and most remote corners of Ibiza. We walk mindfully in nature, absorbing the island’s most magnificent scenery while honing our powers of agility, balance and observation.

These experiences are both physically and emotionally transformative, encouraging individuals to reconnect with their most authentic selves. 

We move, we breathe, we swim and we meditate.

Finding clarity and connection amid the silence and wonder.

Our holistic approach always includes a

seven-minute silence

at one of the island’s most iconic and awe-inspiring locations. During this time, we surrender fully to the immense power of nature.

Our commitment to your memories includes high quality video and stills footage of you and your loved ones, allowing you to revisit and share your life changing experiences.